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In his youth, Sylvester Pemberton came into possession of a Cosmic Staff and became a costumed vigilante under the alias the "Star-Spangled Kid". He worked alongside his side kick, Pat Dugan and became a member of Justice Society of America. However, his vigilante activities came to an end when he was framed by Checkmate and arrested. Like the other members of the JSA, Pemberton tried to protect the others and take the fall for them. In the end, the conviction against Pemberton didn't hold up and he was released.

While most of the other members of the JSA left their gear at the JSA brownstone, Pemberton sent his to Pat Dugan. Years later, Dugan's stepdaughter found Pemberton's gear and decided to become a superhero. For unknown reasons, Pemberton decided to take Courtney under his wing. Seeing a new generation of heroes emerging, Pemberto also decided to try and bring the JSA back together. Combining the old heroes with these newer ones.

Investigating the new heroes, Pemberton managed to uncover their identities. However, when he approached Chloe Sullivan (who was also trying to put a team together), he was attacked by Cameron Mahkent. Pemberton managed to protect Chloe, but lost his own life in the battle against Mahkent.




  • It's unknown how Pemberton came across the Cosmic Staff. In "Action", a Starman (Ted Knight) briefly appears (the scene features several other action figures. All of characters that later turned out to be based on existing people). However, it's unknown if Ted Knight has existed in this universe.



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