Sylvester Pemberton was the hero known as Starman, along side his sidekick Stripesy.

When Sylvester was fifteen, he protected his wealthy parents from criminals. Donning a suit full of stars, he became the "Star-Spangled Kid", and the family chauffeur Pat Dugan became Stripesy. They joined the Justice Society of America, and Sylvester acquired the Cosmic Staff from Ted Knight. He changed his name to Starman.

During an attack from the Injustice Society of America, Sylvester is killed by the villian Icicle but before dying he gives the Cosmic Staff to Pat to find a successor.[1]


  • In the mainstream DC Universe, Sylvester Pemberton was never known as Starman. Instead, he adopted the alias of Skyman when he outgrew the Star-Spangled Kid moniker.



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