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Sylvester Pemberton is the former hero known as Starman, along side his sidekick Stripesy.

When Sylvester was fifteen, he protected his wealthy parents from criminals. Donning a suit full of stars, he became the "Star-Spangled Kid", and the family chauffeur Pat Dugan became Stripesy. They joined the Justice Society of America, and Sylvester acquired the Cosmic Staff from Ted Knight. He changed his name to Starman.

During an attack from the Injustice Society of America, Sylvester is killed by the villain Icicle but before dying he gives the Cosmic Staff to Pat to find a successor.[1]

However, despite his death, the Cosmic Staff's lingering energy from years of Pemberton's usage caused his body to remain intact despite years of death without rotting. Eventually in 2020, Jordan Mahkent would dig up Pemberton's corpse with Dragon King, in case the ISA's upcoming plan was to fail. Dragon King would use his chemicals to revive Pemberton. Once awake, Mahkent revealed to Sylvester that they wanted him to help lead their Better America as "President Pemberton" however, Pemberton told them to forget it. But, Mahkent would reveal that they only needed his body, revealing that his mind was to be swapped with the Ultra-Humanite. Despite Sylvester's best efforts the villains took out his brain of his body, with Ultra-Humanite pretending to be Sylvester, as Sylvester's mind was trapped in a hidden lab, forced to relive the brain removal.

Luckily, over time, Pat's step-daughter Courtney Whitmore would form a new JSA as Stargirl (later Starwoman), and over the years take out the ISA along with Ultra-Humanite, with Pat accidentally causing Ultra-Humanite to be brain dead. Eventually, the JSA would find the real Sylvester's brain, and return it to his body, giving him a new chance at life.


  • In the mainstream DC Universe, Sylvester Pemberton was never known as Starman. Instead, he adopted the alias of Skyman when he outgrew the Star-Spangled Kid moniker.



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