Sylvia Kandrey is a Sergeant in the New York Police Department, stationed in the 11th Precinct.

Her organizational skills and attention to detail landed her a job in the Records Department straight from the police academy. She has been promoted twice. About one month after Mark Shaw became the costumed criminal bounty hunter named Manhunter, Mark initiated a flirting relationship with Sylvia, ultimately to request her help with information on tracking down an alleged child molester. After she and Mark captured a thief and Mark left, giving Sylvia full credit for the bust, Sylvia began to fantasize about having a relationship with Mark and readily assisted Mark in collecting the information, despite the warnings of her boss, Lt. Best. The alleged molester, Ashley Mavis Powell, had secretly infiltrated the police department under the name Paula Darrow and discovered Sylvia investigating her file. She managed to purge the information from Sylvia's computer arousing Sylvia's suspicions and Sylvia managed to uncover Ashley's real identity and share the information with Mark. Mark later saved Sylvia from Ashley leading to Ashley's arrest and Sylvia's temporary suspension from the force. Best urged Sylvia to stick through the suspension, return and re-earn his respect.[1]

Sylvia was ultimately placed on probation and sent to work in the Traffic Department. One of the cases she worked on was aiding Homicide Detective Koechner track down an expired registration. Ten days before her probation ended, she was visited by Lt. Best who expressed his displeasure with her temporary replacement and delivered a postcard sent by Mark Shaw from Australia. After witnessing Koechner's demeaning nature, Best promised to intervene to shorten Sylvia's probation but she angrily confronted him telling him she's going to tough it out like he asked and suggested his response was due to guilt and a concern for his reputation. Impressed, Best left and Sylvia, after digging up Mark Shaw's file, pitched the postcard.[2] Sylvia got her old job back, learned that Mark's been asking about her and the two agreed to talk.[3]

Soon after Sylvia joins Mark's family for a dinner to celebrate Mark's birthday. When he fails to show, Sylvia leads the family in detective work tracking down Mark's location and rescuing him from supervillain Mirage. She visits with him in the hospital after his condition stabilizes and she promises they'll talk a lot more once he's recovered.[4]

When Mark's apartment is bombed by the second Dumas, Lt. Best finds one of Mark's Manhunter masks and gave it to Sylvia for safe keeping. She manages to get it partially working and returns it to Mark when he returns. He decides to give up the bounty-hunting life and accept a job with the Southern Cross Salvage Corporation. He kisses Sylvia and invites her to dinner, an offer she readily accepts.[5]




  • Police Officer: Sylvia Kandrey was a trained Police Officer and had all the skills and abilities thereof.
  • Computer Proficiency: Sylvia was adept at using computers.

  • Sylvia enjoys snacking on the gelatinous candies known as "orange slices."



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