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Synnar the Demiurge was a cosmic architect and tyrant.

The Demiurge is but one of the several titles attributed to a mysterious, nameless, cosmic entity. During the Holy War that ravaged the planet Rann, the Demiurge appeared before the Earth-human Hawkman. Cryptically, it explained that both of their futures were intertwined together, but for Hawkman to be prepared for what was to come, he had to come to terms with his own reality. The Demiurge extracted a quantifiable aspect of Hawkman's memory - memories pertaining to his first incarnation as the Egyptian prince Khufu. He told Hawkman that the reality of Prince Khufu was a lie and that his identity has been a quagmire of refolded and obsolete realities, all stemming from manipulations to the Multiverse. Before leaving him, he told Hawkman that he was destined to become one of the Aberrant Six, and referred to him by his Thanagarian name, Katar Hol.


Synnar has near god-like powers.



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