Synth was originally a member of a team of corporate superheroes named the Vatmen. Every other member either died or went insane, and Synth was left with a constantly mutating brain, which caused him to spend alternating days as a genius and barely functional moron. He became a hired thug for the crime lords of Vanity.

Alongside his lover, Mindy Falconer, Synth plotted to take over Vanity's underworld. He first convinced his bosses to assassinate Vanity's superhero Bloodtype using retired supervillain and Mindy's estranged father Piper as an unwitting suicide bomber. He then used his hitherto unrevealed shapeshifting abilities to impersonate the recently deceased Major Force. As Major Force, he attacked the crime lord's operations and called them to a meeting where he and Mindy would murder them and take over their criminal enterprises.

However, their plans were foiled by two unanticipated factors: Vanity's new superhero Aztek, and Green Lantern Kyle Rayner who had come to Vanity hunting Major Force. The two superheroes disrupted the meeting and the crime lords escaped. At the stroke of midnight, Synth reverted to his idiotic state and shot Mindy through the heart. He was arrested and presumably incarcerated.

It was later revealed that Synth and Mindy had themselves been manipulated by Lex Luthor and the Q Foundation to bring Aztek into contact with Green Lantern, and from there gain the allies among the superhero community he would need in the fight against Mageddon.





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