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Syrene is a sorcerer from more than one million years in the future, when human society has reverted to a medieval-mystical world in which she and her father Ambra ruled Earth.

When Lord Satanis sought a mystic runestone of Merlin that was the source of Ambra's powers, he raised a revolt against Ambra and killed him. However, Ambra hurled the runestone magically through time, beyond the reach of Satanis or Syrene. Rather than wasting their energies fighting each other, Syrene and Satanis agreed to marry and rule Earth together. They schemed behind each other's back to reach back through time and reclaim the runestone.

Eventually, both found the right spell and located the runestone to the 20th century. In order to to gain its power it was necessary to filter the energy through an invulnerable body. They sought out Superman, and a battle ensued in which Syrene was seemingly killed. In fact she survived, and returned to keep the stone from Satanis by sending it further into the past.

A century in the past, the two sorcerers again fought over the runestone, and Syrene won by invoking Satan to drag Satanis down to Hell. She then followed the runestone to 14th century Britain. Satanis, for his part, had formed a pact with Satan and travelled back to Britain along with Superman. The sorcerers battled over the Man of Steel, resulting in Superman being split into two, each with half of his powers. Syrene acted first, seizing Superman who was invulnerable and vanishing with him. Satanis sent the remaining Superman back to his time and found Syrene in the act of filtering the runestone's power through Superman. She kept her husband at bay until she had finished, causing the invulnerable Superman to die.

With the runestone's power, Syrene was more than a match for Satanis and, under normal circumstances, could have easily killed him. However, Satanis had merged with Superman's body, which essentially resurrected him. In the ensuing battle, Satanis prevailed and sent Syrene back to their own time. The other Superman went back to the past using Rip Hunter's Time Sphere and rejoined the disparate versions of himself. Then he knocked Satanis back to his own time where he finally faced Syrene's wrath.




  • Runestone of Merlin

  • This version of Syrene, including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the collapse of the original Multiverse in the 1985–86 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series. Even though versions of the character may have since appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.



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