The T-Car was a car used by the Teen Titans.


Deciding the Teen Titans needed a vehicle, Cyborg built the highly advanced T-Car from scratch. Shortly after building it, it was stolen by two greasers named Cash and Sammy. Cyborg, furious that his creation had already been stolen, went on a desperate search for his "baby." The greasers soon lost the car to the genius villain Gizmo. Gizmo took the T-Car out for a joy ride and he, then, lost it to the electronic villain Overload. In the fight for his car, the T-Car was destroyed. Cyborg, assuming that he couldn't rebuild it, found the motherboard for the car and rebuilt the T-Car with help from Raven.[1]

The T-Car is frequently used by the Titans, especially the non-flying Cyborg. The T-Car has been beaten and crushed but is always rebuilt.

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