It is divided into several subdivisions.

Tabula Rasa, a division of I/O, is a clandestine organization with an advanced bio-engineering firm.


It is divided into several subdivisions.

Tabula Rasa Events, Inc. is a division primarily dedicated to entertaining the super-rich. They genetically engineer humans and other creatures for the purpose of warfare and entertainment. They genetically engineered at least four generations of Post-Humans, including Megan of Gen9, Gen11, two divisions of Gen13, and Gen14. They also created a kind of safari featuring genetically engineered dinosaurs and monsters, such as unicorns.[1] Their command center is located in the Amazon Rainforest.[2]

Upon activation of the Gen13 program, the five captured teens wreaked havoc in the command center. During Dr. Cross' escape attempt, Johnny, Jr. and Rotten (members of Gen11) attacked and killed Cross, causing him to crash his helicopter into the building[3], thereby rendering it nearly useless.[4]

After the Amazon Location was destroyed, the New York City division planned to reclaim profits by turning the two divisions of Gen13 against one another, and secretly film it.[5] Unfortunately for TR, Caitlin deduced what was happening, and she, her team, and a few members of the second division of Gen13 teamed up to eradicate the threat of TR.[6]

After Armageddon, Tabula Rasa Cloning Bank Rho was taken over by the remnants of the U.S. Army and renamed U.S. Army Firebase 11: Post-Human Front. There, Colonel Darling, the officer in charge, used Gen14 for war games, training his men how to defeat Post-Human adversaries.[7]


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