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Pvt. Tag Harris is a young man from Smallville, Kansas who was given superpowers by exposure to X-Kryptonite. He is the last surviving member of the Supermen of America.

Tag was a student at Smallville High School and the star wide receiver of the Smallville Crows. He was a long time friend of Sarah Cushing. His parents are divorced and he lived in Smallville with his mother.[1] The first week of school he attended a keg party at the Shuster mines where the bonfire mysteriously exploded. He was injured in the blast, suffering a broken arm that would likely cause him to miss the entire season.[2] Unbeknowst to anyone at the time, he was exposed to trace amounts of X-Kryptonite, triggering his development of metahuman powers.[3]

Although he could not play, Tag was required to attend football practice and games and watch from the sidelines. He became friendly with the Crows' backup quarterback Jon Kent, who also spent most of his time on the bench. After the first game of the season his broken arm began spasming uncontrollably at superspeed.

At practice the next day the coach criticised Tag for getting hurt before the season and he stormed off to the bathroom. His arm spasmed hard enough to shatter his cast and he found that it was miraculously healed. At a team party that night Tag's spasms worsened and he fled into the woods. Jon and his brother Jordan followed him and found Tag uncontrollably moving at superspeed wracked with pain. Jordan attempted to restrain Tag but was thrown away. Jonathan summoned their father Superman, who flew Tag up into the upper atmosphere where the thin air caused him to pass out. He was taken to a school for metahuman children run by the Department of Defence.[3] The cover story was that he moved away to live with his father.[1]

Tag escaped the facility and returned to Smallville, now wearing a uniform of some kind and seemingly more in control of his powers, and attacked Jordan on a highway. Tag had seen a video clip of the bonfire explosion and saw a flare from Jordan hitting the bonfire just before it exploded, and so blamed Jordan for his condition.[4]

Jordan used his signal device to summon Superman. Tag fled with Superman in pursuit, but was able to escape by derailing a train, forcing Superman to stop and prevent it. Superman and General Sam Lane assumed Tag would attack Jordan at a football game in Metropolis and focused their attention there, but in fact he stayed in Smallville, wanting to talk to Sarah. He approached her but momentarily lost control of his powers and knocked her unconscious. He carried her to his hideout in Metropolis and told her what had happened to him and how he believed Jordan was responsible.

Sarah's mother called Clark Kent to see if she had gone to the football game, and on the call Clark overheard Sarah's father notice Tag on the house's security video. Clark rushed out as Superman to search the city, fearing General Lane would use lethal force to bring Tag down. He managed to find Tag and Sarah just before Lane's soldiers did. They fired on Tag with live ammunition, including Kryptonite bullets. Superman blocked the bullets, being wounded by the Kryptonite in the process, and furiously ordered them to stand down. Tag was recaptured and returned to the facility, but Superman promised him this time he would not be alone. The incident damaged the trust between Superman and General Lane.[1]

Tag graduated from the military's training program and joined a new government sponsored team of metahumans called the Supermen of America.[5] Lieutenant Anderson sent the Supermen to capture Bizarro, who killed Tag's teammates almost immediately. Superman arrived to save Tag and told him to run. Tag escaped with Bizarro's pendant.[6] He handed the pendant over to Anderson and was hospitalised for his injuries.[7]



  • Power Instability: (Formerly) Tag initially could not control his powers, which caused him considerable pain.[3] After receiving training from the DoD he appears to be in full control.[5]