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Tahani, also known as The Knife or simply Knife, is an assassin employed by The Many Arms of Death, a group of arms-dealing terrorists. She is the former lover of Safiyah Sohail and an enemy of Batwoman.


Tahani lived as a beggar in Ibadan, Nigeria for approximately the first 18 years of her life. One night, she murdered a man for a small bit of food, and was noticed by Safiyah Sohail. The dead man happened to be a troublesome business associate of Safiyah's, and, grateful to Tahani for ridding her of him, she offered her a new life on the island of Coryana. Tahani accepted.[1]

From there, Tahani became Safiyah's lover, and embarked on about 8 years of world travel, during which she gained various skills, particularly related to bladed weapons. She also apparently received some amount of training from the League of Shadows.[1]



  • Throwing knives
  • Machete

  • Tahani is at least 3 years older than Kate Kane.[1]



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