Quote1 "Well, it's about time" was her answer. So true. We set the date. Quote2
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Takara Sato was the wife of Captain Atom and the mother of his son, Genji Sato.

When Captain Atom was teleported back in time to 1997 where he adopted the moniker of "Vincent Mallory", one day he was stabbed while attempting to stop a mugging. Takara Sato was one of the nurses in charge and the two hit it off. They soon married in 1998 and moved from Keystone City to Central City.

In the year 2000 Takara became pregnant with Atom's child but he disappeared from her life - he actually was teleported back to 2017 - leaving her to grieve and raise their child alone. In 2010 Takara was involved in a fatal car accident and left her son, Genji to her sister.




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