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Takeo Yakata, alias RAM was recruited by the Guardians of the Universe, the creators of the Green Lantern Corps, who planned to create their successors, a race of new Guardians on Earth.

One of the Guardians and a Zamaron, the Guardians' female counterparts, channeled their powers into the "Millennium Project." Gathering ten individuals together and teaching them about the nature of the cosmos, they endowed their "Chosen" with immortality and metahuman powers. Yakata becomes the cybernetically enhanced Ram. This placed him squarely in the sights of the Manhunters, a race of ancient robots who hate the Guardians. The Manhunters try and kill Yakata and the other Chosen. The survivors form a new team and operate independently for some time. For a while, Ram lived on an isolated island with his friends, while they tried to work towards their mission of peace. When Guy Gardner tries to take control of the team, they attempt to resist peacefully and ultimately fail.

Ram and many of the Guardians were absorbed by the entity called Entropy, and they telepathically assisted Hal Jordan in its defeat.[1]

Much later, Ram's picture was shown along with pictures of other superheroes that were kidnapped and killed in Roulette's casino.[2]


  • Technopathy: Ram was a technopath, able to control wireless communication networks and satellites, as well send imformation across them