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Talaoc was a Mayan spirit and enemy of Deadman.

More than five-hundred years ago, an alien space fleet came to Earth and landed in Belize. They used their technology against a Mayan leader named Talaoc, transforming him into a disembodied spirit. Talaoc believed that he had ascended to godhood as the Mayan God of War. The Mayans constructed an elaborate pyramid around one of the alien ships. As time went on, the Mayans eventually stopped fearing Talaoc, and his power diminished as faith in his existence waned. He placed himself into a state of hibernation and slept for more than five-hundred years.

Only a few years ago, Talaoc's soul awakened anew and he took possession of an American CIA section chief named Grace Kasaba. He used her influence in a bid to regain his former power. At this time, Talaoc encountered another being who shared his particular non-corporeal disposition, the super-hero known as Deadman. The two fought with one another, but Deadman managed to calm him down and learn the truth about his origins. At that moment, the space craft that had lied dormant for five-hundred years came to life, emerged from the pyramid and flew off into outer space. With his temple destroyed, Talaoc could no longer maintain his power and his spiritual essence dissipated into the ether.[1]


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