This hardcover Batman (and Manhunter) collection is a collection of stories written by Archie Goodwin.

This collection reprints stories from the following comic book issues and comic books:

(Deathmask from November, 1973)
(A Monster Walks Wayne Manor from January, 1974)
(Ghost Mountain Midnight! from May, 1974)
(Judgment Day! from July, 1974)
(Death Flies the Haunted Sky! from September, 1974)
(The Himalayan Incident from November, 1973)
(The Manhunter File from January, 1974)
(The Resurrection of Paul Kirk from March, 1974)
(Rebellion! from May, 1974)
(Cathedral Perilous from July, 1974)
(To Duel the Master from September, 1974)
(Gotterdammerung from November, 1974)
(Obligation from 1990)
(Escape from November, 1995)
(The Devil's Trumpet from June, 1996)
(Heroes from September, 1996)
(Siege, Part One: Assembly from August, 2000)
(Siege, Part Two : Assault from September, 2000)
(Siege, Part Three: Breach from October, 2000)
(Siege, Part Four: Battle from November, 2000)
(Siege, Part Five: Defense from December, 2000)
(from August, 1992)

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