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This hardcover Batman collection is the first volume to collect the Batman stories illustrated by Don Newton. It contains the stories which he illustrated from November, 1978 to December, 1980.

This collection reprints stories from the following comic book issues:

(With This Ring Find Me Dead! from November, 1978)
(The Perfect Fighting Machine from December, 1978)
(The Mystery Murderer Of "Mrs. Batman"! from December, 1978)
(The Curse Of Crime Alley from May, 1979)
(Assault on Olympus! from July, 1979)
(The Vengeance Vow! from September, 1979)
(Menace of the Murder Machines from August, 1979)
(Murder by Thunderbolt from November, 1979)
(Corruption from November, 1979)
(The Perils of Sergius from January, 1980)
(The Spook's Death Sentence For Batman from March, 1980)
(Where Strike the Assassins from April, 1980)
(Requiem for a Martyr! from May, 1980)
(The Riddle Of The Golden Fleece from June, 1980)
(Vengeance Trail from July, 1980)
(Prescription For Tragedy from August, 1980)
(Riddles In The Dark from August, 1980)
(The Crime Doctor Calls At Midnight! from September, 1980)
(A Tale Of Time Past! from October, 1980)
(Murder in Quicksilver from October, 1980)
(Murder on the Mystery Ship from November, 1980)
(Bad Night in Baja from December, 1980)

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