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"The Judas Contract: Book One - The Eyes of Tara Markov!": Donna and Kory finish up a photo shoot at Donna's studio. Gar, naturally, is overwhelmed by the skimpiness of Kory's bathing suit. Tara is present, and asks how Donna could

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Tales of the Teen Titans #42 is an issue of the series Tales of the Teen Titans (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 1984.

Synopsis for "The Judas Contract: Book One - The Eyes of Tara Markov!"

Donna and Kory finish up a photo shoot at Donna's studio. Gar, naturally, is overwhelmed by the skimpiness of Kory's bathing suit. Tara is present, and asks how Donna could afford such an expansive studio apartment. Donna tells her that it was a gift from Queen Hippolyta. What none of the Titans present realize is that someone is surreptitiously taking surveillance photos of Donna's studio.

Gar and Tara walk Dick back to his midtown apartment. Again, someone continues to take photographs of the group, but none of them seem to be aware of it. After dropping Dick off, Gar and Tara walk over to a nearby frozen pond where Vic Stone and Sarah Simms are ice skating with a group of Sarah's disabled wards. Vic loses his balance and falls onto the ice, and Sarah and the children begin laughing at them. Vic is only slightly embarrassed, but his humiliation is compounded when Gar turns into a bunny and begins poking fun at him. Afterwards, Vic returns home where he finds a letter from his grandparents. The letter indicates that they will be visiting him some time soon. Vic is not overjoyed to receive such news. As before, someone takes a snapshot of him from outside his apartment.

Later, Gar walks Tara down to the East River. She finally relents to his persistent affections and the two share a kiss. Gar leaves, and Tara takes the raft to Titans Tower. She stops by Raven's room and finds the empath in the midst of meditation. Raven doesn't trust Tara, but as she has been dealing with so many emotional issues as of late, she cannot determine whether her apprehension is justified, or if it is just a by-product of her father Trigon's influence over her.

Some time later, the Titans regroup at the tower and Cyborg goes through a training exercise. He succeeds in overcoming a five-ton steel press. Donna and Kory spar with one another atop a floating raft in the Titans' swimming pool. Donna has never defeated Kory during these trials and is determined to win. Kory reminds her once again that she was trained by the Warlords of Okaara, and that fighting is second-nature to her. She proves her point by kicking Donna in the jaw, knocking her into the pool. Terra silently watches the various trials, taking note of her potential teammates strengths and weaknesses.

The next training exercise takes place outside. The Titans want to see what Tara is truly capable of and has her spar against Changeling. Changeling, with his usual aplomb, transforms into a variety of animals, and circle about Terra, disrupting her concentration. He keeps making jokes and poking playful fun at her, not realizing that she each barb is steadily bringing her temper to a boil. Finally, Terra can take no more of Gar's shenanigans and unleashes a volley of earth, rocks and debris at him. Volcanic mounds of dirt begin erupting across the island, and the other Titans quickly realize that Terra has lost control. They finally get Terra to calm down, and they make sure that Gar is okay. Cyborg chastises him for provoking her.

Later, Tara retires to the Terminator's secret lair. Slade criticizes her for losing control, and tells her that it is only through sheer naiveté that the Titans still trust her. Tara tells him not worry about anything.

Elsewhere, a middle-aged woman and her teenage son monitor Slade and Tara's actions. They take a surveillance photo of them boarding a helicopter. The woman is surprised that she was able to get close enough to Slade to photograph him. She whispers to herself, "Slade, it's been a long time. But not long enough for you".

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