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"Torment": This story is reprinted from New Teen Titans (Volume 2) #4.

Tales of the Teen Titans #63 is an issue of the series Tales of the Teen Titans (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 1986.

Synopsis for "Torment"

This story is reprinted from New Teen Titans (Volume 2) #4.

Raven attacks Lilith and Arella, but finds herself unable to destroy them. Each of the Titans trapped in nightmares of their own worst fears is taunted by his or her evil double until, one by one, they turn on their tormenting duplicates and kill them.

The column they made up on Earth is shaken apart, and the Titans reappear as their own dark sides. Raven believes they are now Trigon's slaves, but Lilith tells her that by forcing the heroes to kill, she has instead sealed her own doom. Raven orders the transformed Titans to destroy Lilith, but instead they unite against Raven herself and slay her. With her death, the Titans return to normal and to their right minds, just as Trigon awakens to take vengeance for the death of his daughter.

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