"Crystal Nightmare!": This story is reprinted from New Teen Titans (Volume 2) #9.

Tales of the Teen Titans #68 is an issue of the series Tales of the Teen Titans (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 1986.

Synopsis for "Crystal Nightmare!"

This story is reprinted from New Teen Titans (Volume 2) #9.

Despite the dire warning of the entity known only as Destiny, the two groups of Titans, mortal and immortal, carry the battle against Thia to Olympus itself. There they encounter Kole, an Earth girl who has the power to create crystal objects by spinning, and who has imprisoned the Amazons at Thia's bidding. Wonder Girl frees the Amazons, and they too join forces with the Titans. In retaliation, Thia sends the multi-headed creature called Typhon against them. Hyperion attacks Thia, sacrificing himself to destroy her, and the two perish together in flames. The Titans defeat Typhon, and Lilith is reunited with the winged man. The battle ended, a grateful Zeus decrees that the surviving mythological Titans, and Lilith, who is recognized as a demi-goddess, will remain in Olympus.

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