"The Light Within...the Dark Without!": This story is reprinted from New Teen Titans (Volume 2) #14.

Tales of the Teen Titans #73 is an issue of the series Tales of the Teen Titans (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 1987.

Appearing in "The Light Within...the Dark Without!"

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Other Characters:

  • Abby Washington (Flashback only)
  • Cyrus Washington (Flashback only)
  • Mr. Johnson
  • Witherspoon




Synopsis for "The Light Within...the Dark Without!"

This story is reprinted from New Teen Titans (Volume 2) #14.

In Alabama, Arella continues the search for her daughter. She learns that Raven had inexplicably fallen from the skies above the Johnson farm weeks earlier, whereupon the farmer and his sons had taken her to a nearby hospital. Upon her recovery, she began using her powers to cure her fellow patients, and gained a local reputation as a faith healer. By the time Arella comes on the scene, however, Raven has left the vicinity.

In New York, the crisis having apparently abated, Starfire agrees to return to her homeworld with Captain Karras, and Nightwing and Jericho decide to accompany her. (After their departure, the crisis continues, reaching its conclusion in events not depicted in this story.)

Some time later, his use of the Mento helmet to cure his illness having driven Steve Dayton insane, he attacks Vernon Questor, who calls on the Titans for aid. Wonder Girl, Cyborg, and Kole accompany Changeling as he trails his foster father to the Madison Club, an organization for the wealthy which had once denied him member.


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