Quote1 I represent the great Ra's al Ghul. Head of the Demon. Master of the League of Assassins Quote2
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Talia al Ghul was the daughter of Ra's al Ghul, torn in loyalty between him and her beloved Batman.

Talia al Ghul is one of the few people in the world privy to the knowledge that Bruce Wayne and Batman are the same person. Bruce Wayne, before he took on the mantle of the Dark Knight, trained with her and her father, Ra's, for at least a few years. Ra's viewed Bruce Wayne as the successor to his shadowy empire, and Talia was romantically entangled with Bruce.

Bruce Wayne, however, didn't want to be the king of assassins, and eventually left them to go his own way as Batman, the dark crusader of Gotham's streets. He maintained a sometimes adversarial, sometimes friendly relationship with the al Ghuls over the years, the main constant being that both parties have a large respect for each other.

Somehow or another, Ra's took on a man named Hugo Strange as a new apprentice, of sorts. Unlike Bruce Wayne, Hugo Strange focused entirely on academic pursuits. With Ra's funding, Strange began a campaign to ultimately accomplish Ra's's goal of destory all of society to build anew--the Arkham City project.

Talia's views on this were never entirely clear. She clearly was attached to her father, and just as clearly fond of Bruce Wayne. When Batman came seeking a sample of Ra's blood, she led him down to her father. Batman lied and said he was coming to take Ra's's place. Ra's put him through the test to see if Batman could withstand the strains of the Lazarus pit, the secret to the six-hundred-year-old assassin-king's lifespan and transitory deaths. Batman passed, but refused to kill Ra's in the final step to assume his place. Instead, he took the blood sample and left him.

Ra's was furious, but exercised some patience. Talia, meanwhile, helped Batman a few times from behind the scenes. In the end, after Ra's had been killed from falling off a tower and onto his own sword, Talia went to the Monarch Theater, meeting Batman face-to-face again, only to be shot in the back and killed by the Joker.

9 months later, when the League reappeared in Gotham in a state of civil war, she appeared to have her own spot in the morgue of Elliot Memorial Hospital, the Ra's Loyalist Hideout, which was empty upon examination, hinting that Talia was indeed alive and well; regardless of her doubt-shrouded death, she would never see her beloved again as Bruce would later activate the Knightfall Protocol and disappear from Gotham's public eye without a trace.





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