Talia al Ghul is the daughter of Ra's al Ghul mother of Damian Wayne. According to Batman, Talia had drugged him in order to have her way with him. Despite him admitting it was not all bad, that was the night that Damian was conceived. Having left Gotham, Talia was amongst the League of Assassins when she had Damian. She watched her son grow into a strong and skilled individual with the help of her father, prepping him as the next generation head of the League. As their location came under attack by a group of ninjas led Deathstroke, Talia hid Damian and engaged the ninjas in the courtyard. After Slade and his men had fled the area, Talia went after her son, who followed Ra's down to the Lazarus Pit where he lay dead. Talia then took Damian to Gotham City, believing it was time for him to meet his father.

Once there, she found Batman in the clutches of Killer Croc, she stunned the behemoth and Batman accompanied her to her yacht. Explaining to Bruce that her father was dead, Talia then introduced the caped crusader to their son. Leaving him in his capable hands, she left with members of the league in hopes of killing Deathstroke and his men, but her men ended up killed and she was captured.

Deathstroke proceeded to use Talia as bait to lure Damian to him. Damian found Talia and Deathstroke in an underground base of an oil rig of the coast of Scotland. Talia sacrificed herself to save Damian by stepping in the way of a bullet intended for him. Once Batman arrived, he placed her in the nearby Lazarus Pit where she heals and comes back. after escaping the rig which was already coming down on them, she, Batman and Damian managed to escape before the rig was completely destroyed. Before leaving Gotham, Talia decided leaving Damian in the care of his father and left to rebuild the league.



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