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Quote1 Talia. My mother named me Talia before she was killed. The way I would have been killed if not for my protector... Bane. Quote2
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Talia al Ghul was the daughter of Ra's al Ghul. With the help of Bane, she infiltrated Wayne Enterprises as Miranda Tate.

Talia's mother was the daughter of a warlord. She met and secretly married Ra's al Ghul, who was a mercenary at the time. The warlord found out about his daughter's love affair with Ra's and sentenced him to life imprisonment in the Pit. However, the warlord's daughter pleaded that she be sent in his place. She was with child and gave birth to Talia while imprisoned. One day, Talia's mother was killed by some of the inmates of the prison, leaving Talia all alone. A man who was born in the prison as well became her friend and protector, and one day he held off the other prisoners while Talia climbed out of the Pit to freedom. She sought her father and returned to the prison to reunite with her friend. Ra's took them both in and initiated them into the League of Shadows. Talia, following in her father's footsteps, adopted the name Miranda Tate and began working to manipulate Bruce Wayne and destroy Gotham City once and for all.

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