new main image

The current one is just a bald guy holding a helmet; he could be of any race, nation, species. He looks like an old Roman soldier. I uploaded an image showing Atlanteans underwater, in the Atlantean throne room(which is never drawn consistently so its appearance here shouldn't matter), wearing several different types of clothing Atlanteans are known to wear from all eras of the comics(despite being from a game).

I believe this is a better representation, offering a more historical perspective of the Atlantean people, than some random guy. The Kryptonians show them flying and wearing the various types of clothing they've worn over the years, the Amazons show all the different warrior women but what do the Atlanteans have? Just some bald dude in a pink room.

If this image isn't suitable there are a few others already on the wiki better showcasing the Atlantean race than the current one(JL War Atlanna, New Earth Rodunn, Prime Earth Tula). Captain097 (talk) 18:33, October 30, 2017 (UTC)

I agree, it's bad, and none of the other pictures is suitable. There's no official "ranking" of good images to bad, but it's roughly...
  • A textless cover
  • A Who's Who or Secret Files profile
  • An image from the subject's main title
  • A clearly sourced promotional image/post card
  • An image from a guest appearance in another title
  • An image from an adaptation
  • An image where the subject is not the middle of attention
  • An image under 300px
  • An extreme closeup crop
  • "I found this on another website"
  • "I found this on Google" (instant F)
  • "I found this on Instagram" (instant F)
  • "I found this on Tumblr" (instant F)
  • "I drew this myself" (instant F)
  • "I traced this from a comic/other fan art" (instant F)
  • "I claim I drew this, but stole it" (instant F)
I mean, your image ranks higher. It's nowhere near perfect, but it's good for a placeholder as far as I'm concerned. --Tupka217 18:42, October 30, 2017 (UTC)
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