Future volumes

Here's my best guess as to what will be in the future volumes of Batman: The Caped Crusader. This is just for fun, let's see how close I come...

  • Vol 4: Batman 455-466, Batman Annual 15
  • Vol 5: Batman 467-474, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight 27, Detective Comics 639-641
  • Vol 6: Batman 475-483, Batman Annual 16, Detective Comics 642
  • Vol 7: Batman 484-490, Batman Annual 17-18

After this is Knightfall (etc.) which is recently collected, then Zero Hour (also collected). After that, if DC continues with a tpb series collecting Batman, I assume they'll start over with a new title. - SuperFan24K (talk) 16:02, February 19, 2020 (UTC)

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