Split Futured end and Beyond

Now that we are sure the Beyond Bruce is a totally different person, with different life (how he didn't die and fused with the joker, how he trained Terry BEFORE the eye war, etc, etc, etc...) I think we should split this Bruce from the one in the first part of Future End saga... (and the one in the "near future" of the Future Ends saga)

As I have mentioned in the forum... I think we should have 4 different timelines...

The one in the far future in the first comic of Future Ends (many years in a future that will never happen, Bruce died and is fused with the Joker, Terry is sent to the past, the war with the eyes has been happening for many decades... etc. Terry changed the "past" and this never happened)

The one in the comics of future ends (5 years in a future that will never happen, Terry comes from the future, all the comics of Future End, Batman and a few more died against the eye here, Terry also died, Tim travel to the past and changed this future)

The current timeline (Tim from Future Ends stop the eye first attemp, all rebirth comics, present, Prime Earth)

The beyond timeline (possible future of the current timeline, Tim comes from the past, the eye conquered almost all the Earth years after the present, Terry is thought dead but wasn`t, Bruce and the Joker the same (in very different events than the one from the first timeline))

I really think that would be the best way to separate the storylines and timelines... Also I recommend the following names:

For the first one: "Future Ends Alternative Future" (Old Bruce, Terry from FE, Mister Terrific from the future) For the second: just "Futures Ends" (almost all characters from FE saga, including the Tim that is in beyond now) for the third one: That is just normal Prime Earth profiles (all normal characters) for the fourth one: "Beyond" (all characters from beyond, but FE Tim)

That way it is not so different than now, it is easy to understand and it is not contradictory...

I agree completely, I've only been adding these characters to the "Futures End" timeline because that's what was being done when I started editing the pages on the Batman Beyond books, but the alterations to the timeline are significant. Ohdear15 (talk) 06:46, February 26, 2017 (UTC)

I think the different timelines can be explained on the page itself under different sections. --Tupka217 08:01, February 26, 2017 (UTC)
If so, then future ends profiles shouldnt exist either, only prime earth one... In that case, there should be 3 different sections for the 3 alternative timelines (apart from the main one of current present of course) Xelloss.nakama (talk)
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