This can just be one page; no need for two. --Tupka217 18:20, February 1, 2015 (UTC)

Sorry, it was me suggesting and I probably don't know the difference between merge and move. I think page should be "Gem City Bridge" and "Gem Cities Bridge" eithet doesn't need to exist or can be a redirect -- Unatratnag (talk) 18:39, February 1, 2015 (UTC)
I actually ment, merge with Van Buren Bridge. --Tupka217 18:41, February 1, 2015 (UTC)
Oh, I had thought of that but reverted my changes since it seems like the new author is spending so much time on characterizing the two cities together as "gem" and it being alternate universe... I could go either way --Unatratnag (talk) 18:46, February 1, 2015 (UTC)
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