Reality Designation

So, Bob is/was the Monitor for New Earth, and we have put him into the New Earth designation. I'm not sure that's entirely correct, as really, along with the rest of the monitors, he's one of very few straight citizens of the Multiverse. When I made pages for Solomon and Nix Uotan, I left their realities out of it; reasons include, for example, Nix Uotan has monitored two different worlds, and is now a citizen of New Earth. As Bob is a citizen of the Multiverse, and as the other named monitors have been titled "Monitor Solomon" and "Monitor Nix Uotan", (so we have to move him anyway) I move that "Bob the Monitor (New Earth)" be moved to "Monitor Bob."

And on a similar note, can I move that the original Monitor (Earth-One) be moved also? He really wasn't just native to Earth-One, he watched over every single Pre-Crisis reality. How about "Monitor (Pre-Crisis)"? Or am I suggesting too much. Thoughts, arguments, suggestions?

- Billy Arrowsmith, 18:00, 6 July 2008 (UTC)