Possible Trivia Item?

On page 12 of issue 1 Ted Knight is his hospital room explaining what the call from The Mist is all about to Jack. In the panel in the top right corner of the page he speaks to a person with a phone in silhouette behind him. He asks him to notify the police that the Mist is taking credit for the crime spree currently taking place throughout Opal City. He addresses the silhouette as DAN. To me the person in silhouette behind Ted Knight is obviously Matt O'Dare, which I feel is corroborated by: 1) the panel in the middle of page 11, issue 1 which is obviously Matt, 2) the panel on page 23 of issue 2 where a nurse is tending to the wounds of Matt O'Dare. Also in issue three Matt is in his kitchen talking with Hope and Mason, 2 other O'Dares, about their failure to protect Ted Knight. Amazing catch don't you think? Hmmm, I think we can probably attribute Ted's mistake to his serious injuries . . . Garmyth

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