Tallulah Black was a bounty hunter with a brutally mutilated face. She was an ally and lover of Jonah Hex.

When men from the government (or at least claiming to be such) came to steal the Black family land, Tallulah's family didn't want to go. Not willing to take no for an answer, the men killed the rest of her family, shot Tallulah in the eye, and left her for dead. A year later, while she was working as a prostitute in Little City, the leader of those men recognized her. Surprised that she had escaped him the first time, he slashed up much of her body.

Tallulah survived, but her face and body were left heavily scarred. Seeking revenge, she goes out to find Jonah Hex. After some initial reluctance, Hex teaches her how to use a pistol, and with her newfound knowledge, Tallulah avenges herself on the men who slaughtered her family and disfigured her. Tallulah and Jonah would team up repeatedly in the future and she even becomes pregnant by him. She chooses to retire from bounty hunting and settle in a small town called Silver Springs without telling Jonah of the baby. Eventually she gives birth, but before she can hold the little girl, the newborn is stolen by a crazy woman. Jonah arrives on the scene while chasing bounties and finds out about the baby, but too late. The child is murdered and Jonah ends his relationship with Tallulah for keeping the existence of the pregnancy from him.




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