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Talon is the sidekick of Owlman and an alternate version of Robin.

Talon moved from the parallel universe of Earth 53 to the home reality of the Tiny Titans and eventually joined the team. He often attempted to undermine the work of his analog.[1]

Other Earth Heroes

Robin noticed that Talon's behavior mirrored his own and accused him of copying him. Talon explained that he was his counterpart from across the Multiverse. He didn't believe him so Talon called Raven and she opened a portal to a third alternate reality. The Titans emerged from the portal, the counterparts of the Tiny Titans that wore opposite color schemes. The two teams quickly befriended one another, but this annoyed Talon, who believed the opposite colors should've meant they were morally reverse as well. Talon stole Batman's Parallel Earth Portal Amplifier Ray Bat Gadget in an attempt to find a reality that fit his parameters, but he accidentally summoned fifty other Tiny Titans teams.[2]

Robin's Replacement

When Robin had to go on a secret mission with Batman, he placed Protector in charge of the Tiny Titans. This greatly upset Talon, who felt he should have been put in charge instead since he was Robin's double. He tried to undermine Protector's authority, notably by questioning his legitimacy and tricking the creatures of the Batcave to go after Jason. After an encounter with Ambush Bug, the two bonded and Protector took Talon to his barber.[3]





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