"Blacklight": While Batman traces the coordinates of the island of Santa Prisca and is alarmed to discover that there is no trace, he and Calvin Rose search the Court of Owls base hidden below the Goth

Quote1 I think you've just given a stray dog a very bad day, Wycliffe. You've offered me some fun, I'll give you that, but you're just like the others were all those years ago. You are simply standing in my way. Quote2
The Gotham Butcher

Talon #12 is an issue of the series Talon (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2013. It was published on October 23, 2013.

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  • Bane (Hologram)
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Synopsis for "Blacklight"

While Batman traces the coordinates of the island of Santa Prisca and is alarmed to discover that there is no trace, he and Calvin Rose search the Court of Owls base hidden below the Gotham Public Library. Unfortunately, the Court must have expected them, because every system has been wiped, and a message remains behind in blood from the Gotham Butcher, warning that Calvin will be next.

In 1852, Felix Harmon had been a strongman in Haly's Circus, even at his young age. His ferocity was seen as an advantage to the Court, and so they recruited him, hoping that his strength would be an asset in the coming months. Unfortunately, his ferocity also made him bold, and he only grew bolder, killing in broad daylight, and demanding more death than even the Court demanded.

Now, he has disappointed the Court again, by allowing Casey Washington to escape. With that in mind, Grandmaster John Wycliffe decides it is time to return Harmon to the unworthy, but he can do nothing about it, as Harmon has removed the explosives from his own brain. Now, the Court has no way of leashing its wildest dog. And now, Harmon has no intention of remaining under the Court's thumb.

Meanwhile, Calvin pays a visit to Lucius Fox, who was an old friend of Casey's father Eric. He has been taking care of Casey since she was found, vouching for her with both Bruce Wayne and Batman, and spending time on designing her a prosthetic arm to replace the one she lost during her escape. Angrily, Calvin promises revenge against Harmon for what he did to her, but Casey slaps him herself - with her remaining arm - reminding that there is more at stake than her arm. Her daughter Sarah, for example, is in the Court's clutches, being brainwashed, and she will not see her become one of them. Calvin promises to see Harmon brought to justice, but Casey warns that she will be coming with him when he does. She has earned the right to punch him.

Calvin receives a visit from Batman, who warns that Lucius did not vouch for him. He reminds that if Calvin hadn't run away, all of this would have been over by now. Calvin admits that he was wrong to run, but he can't do anything to change that. Grunting, Batman points out that the Court - and Felix Harmon with it - has gone into hiding. Calvin is aware of this, and directs the conversation instead to Bane. Batman's expression reveals his consternation at the fact that something has moved Santa Prisca. It is missing. Vowing to investigate it himself, Batman reluctantly gives Calvin what information he has on the Court, but makes him swear not to engage the Court on his own - and if he tries, there is a cryo-tube at Blackgate Penitentiary waiting for Calvin. In any case, Batman wants this to be Calvin's final mission.

On the night that Felix Harmon was sent to kill the matron of the Carpenter family, ten years after becoming a Talon, he made a statement of their deaths, burning the Carpenter House for Boys down. It was clear then that he was more than just a Talon. He would thereafter be the Gotham Butcher.

Now, Felix returns to the remains of the Carpenter House for Boys, where he is unsurprised to be greeted by Sebastian Clark. Clark explains that the city never came back from what happened there. For more than 150 years, rumours that the old House for Boys was haunted by the children who were trapped within when it burned down. Harmon knew, though, that the children were all dead before he burned it down. Sebastian also knew this, though it was meant to be secret, thanks to the book his father Erastus Clark wrote, recounting the Court's history. Harmon intends to kill Clark, but Sebastian proposes an agreeable compromise: together, they will kill all of Gotham City.


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