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"Owlfall": The Court of Owls has had Sarah Washington in its grips for some time now, brainwashing her to become a member as a grim insult against her mother Casey and her former protector [[Cal

Quote1.png No. No more trickery. You've ruined my life plenty this year, Wycliffe. Quote2.png
Calvin Rose

Talon #13 is an issue of the series Talon (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2014. It was published on November 27, 2013.

Synopsis for "Owlfall"

The Court of Owls has had Sarah Washington in its grips for some time now, brainwashing her to become a member as a grim insult against her mother Casey and her former protector Calvin Rose.

In the meantime, though, Calvin and Casey have been working to find out what they can about where Owl Grandmaster John Wycliffe might be keeping her. Unfortunately, the Court has retreated, recently, leaving little trace of their existence in Gotham City. Despite that, Calvin hasn't been able to shake the sense that something terrible is yet to happen.

Elsewhere, Sebastian Clark, who had been Grandmaster of the Court up until Batman's intervention in his affairs, returns finally to Harbour House, where the vast majority of his people had been poisoned by Lincoln March, made to look like suicides. As such, the house is for sale, and cheaply because of it. It is there that Sebastian and his unlikely ally, The Gotham Butcher intend to set up shop while they plan vengeance against Wycliffe, who usurped Sebastian's title. The first step in that plan is to bomb the prestigious Orchard Hotel - which happens to be where Casey suspects that Wycliffe is keeping Sarah.

Calvin disagrees, reminding that the Court's base inside the hotel was closed off, but Casey points out that it is a hotel. The Court may actually be staying in the hotel as guests. Though Calvin believes there's something to continuing his search in Amusement Mile, given the recent owner's sudden disappearance and ties to Haly's Circus, but both Joey and Anya agree with Casey's theory. While Joey and Anya prepare to stake out the hotel themselves, Calvin warns that he and Casey must be prepared for the possibility that they may not find Sarah, but Casey won't hear of it. Sighing, he apologizes - for doubting their success and for what he allowed himself to become - an undead Talon - in the pursuit of their safety. And he had failed to guarantee that safety, such that Casey has been irreparably disfigured. Despite that, he admits that he loves her. Casey dismisses his apology, and playfully shoves him away, urging him to get back to work.

That night, at the Orchard Hotel's thirteenth floor, John Wycliffe is horrified to discover that many of his followers have been murdered. As he radios a warning and a plea for help, he is interrupted by Calvin's fist making contact with his jaw. Angrily, he warns that he has little patience before he delivers the Court to the Authorities, so Wycliffe had best tell him where Sarah Washington is. All the while, Wycliffe stutters that someone else is there, and they have to escape. They are too late, though, as Felix Harmon appears behind them with a menacing grin, revealing that Sarah is in his care, now.

Within the sealed off, golden sanctuary that the Court calls Eden, Sebastian Clark breaks in to find the Talon Benjamin enrapped within a casing of molten gold, now hardened. Clark's plans, though, are nothing to do with Benjamin, but he explains them to the man all the same. Arming an explosive device, Sebastian wishes Benjamin a better death than his last one.

Having lost communications with Calvin, Casey isn't sure how to proceed. The Batman had warned her that he would send Calvin to the specialized prison facility in Blackgate Penitentiary along with the other Talons if they went after the Court without him. But, Casey reasons, this isn't Batman's fight. Making her decision, Casey calls for Lucius Fox.

Calvin, meanwhile, demands that Harmon give him the child. In order to persuade him, Calvin points out that, to this point, the Gotham Butcher has failed in every attempt to kill him. Now would be as good a time as any to engage in a fight to the death. Gleefully, Harmon tosses the girl to the floor, and accepts the challenge.

Nearby, Wycliffe's attempts to escape are thwarted again when he runs into Sebastian, who violently kicks him to the floor, explaining his intent to blow up the hotel by using the electrum which facilitates the Talons' resurrection as an explosive agent. In the meantime, though, he is happy enough to shoot Wycliffe in the face, whether he dies in the explosion or not. As he steps over the corpse, Sebastian encounters young Sarah, and is amused to hear that she wants to tear Calvin apart with her own hands, jealous of Harmon's likely chance to do so.

As Calvin and the Butcher battle to the death, it is clear that Harmon has the upper hand, and he prepares to use the syrum designed to dissolve the Talons on his victim. However, he is amused to find himself surrounded by many other Talons, whom Sebastian warns to stand down, pointing out that with Wycliffe's death and his possession of the Grandmasters' mask, he has been returned his title. Grinning, Harmon presses the needle's tip to Calvin's neck just as an unexpected explosion causes Harmon to drop it. Everyone present is surprised to see Casey Washington and her companions armed with bionic weaponry, and prepared to put an end to the battle once and for all.

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