"Nightmares": Calvin Rose has had a recurring nightmare in which he is surrounded by the Court of Owls, and from the darkness emerges a Talon, increasing in size and becoming less human and more monstrous every time. Seeing him in

Quote1 Hah! So, this is some kind of trap? How quaint. The thing you must understand, Mr. Rose, is that I don't care if I kill you today. I will hunt you, killing everything in my path until the day I tear your throat open with my bare hands. Quote2
Felix Harmon

Talon #4 is an issue of the series Talon (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2013.

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Synopsis for "Nightmares"

Calvin Rose has had a recurring nightmare in which he is surrounded by the Court of Owls, and from the darkness emerges a Talon, increasing in size and becoming less human and more monstrous every time. Seeing him in that dream, Calvin knows that he is about to die, and all of those he has fought to protect will soon be killed too. It had always been just a nightmare - until now.

With a Talon's massive hand crushing his throat, Calvin hears Sebastian Clark's voice in his ear, shouting for him to get out of there. He needs to detach the transceiver from his suit and throw it in the window, in order to complete their data leech on the Court's funds - otherwise, this mission may have been for nothing. Seeing that Calvin won't be much use in that respect, Sebastian has Casey Washington send one of her men to finish the job while he looks up data on this new, monstrous Talon. Unfortunately, this one is not a known active agent of the Court.

Quickly tossing the transceiver into the window, Calvin enters a free-fall, escaping the Talon's reach. Quick use of a grappling hook breaks his fall and his arm.

After performing an analysis on the Talon, something is sparked in Sebastian's memory. With disbelief, he rushes to his father's book, and discovers that this is the so-called Gotham Butcher - a Talon of the Court who had killed without discrimination.

Meanwhile, Casey's man Joey has completed the transfer, but the security at Hudson Financial has grown wise to the fact that it was all a ruse. The Talon Roger Black in the lobby soon realizes that the police officers dealing with the sham robbery downstairs are imposters.

Desperately, Sebastian relays that this Talon is Felix Harmon, the Gotham Butcher. He was the most dangerous weapon the Court ever used, and is unlike any Calvin has faced thus far. As the Butcher catches up, Sebastian begs Calvin to run for his life.

Fortunately, Casey's cohorts have been briefed on Mr. Black, and thanks to some stolen designs for Mister Freeze's Cold Gun, they freeze him solid, opening the way for Joey to get out of there with everyone else. Despite this, Calvin is at the mercy of the Butcher, and is sure that he's going to die. Thanks to some quick thinking and encouragement by Sebastian, Calvin discovers a sewer grate nearby, and climbs down into it. Thanks to Calvin's precise timing, he manages to latch onto a passing subway train, taking him out of the Butcher's reach.

Later, Casey pops Calvin's shoulder back into place, and consoles him that his efforts today helped her group. Unfortunately, Sebastian discovers that Calvin's suit was compromised by a tracker, and someone will soon be coming for them. At that moment, the Butcher breaks through the gates of Casey's compound and kills Casey's friend Nicky.

With few options, Casey orders an evacuation. Calvin hopes that Harmon has the same weaknesses as all of the other resurrected Talons, and as such, would be stopped by intense cold. Casey knows of a way to use her facility's security system to do it, but it would mean using his suit's tracker as bait - meaning Calvin might not make it out alive. As long as Casey survives, though, he will accept it.

Unfortunately, during the evacuation, Casey's daughter Sarah refuses to go without her mother, and sneaks off the train to find her. After shutting down the systems, and saying goodbye to Sebastian, Casey us horrified to see her daughter still there. Sadly, she hugs her daughter to her, and they hide together, hoping for the best.

As Harmon comes for Calvin, deep in the tunnels underneath the facility, he is aware of the trap that has been laid for him. He announces that it doesn't matter to him if he is stopped today. He will hunt him and kill him, no matter the obstacles. He will kill those whom Calvin loves, and delight in it. It has been 150 years since he could kill like this, after all, and he is eager to prolong the experience.

Hoping that Harmon's fantasies will not become reality, Calvin makes the call to Casey, who activates a fail-safe that floods the tunnels with the ice-cold waters of the Hudson River. Both men are washed away in the deluge.

Later, Casey and Sarah wait on the banks of the river, unsure of what to do with themselves, but sure that whatever it is, it will mean running. They are surprised when Calvin appears, drenched but alive, and promises them that the running must end. Instead, they will go back to Gotham, and fight the Court together - like they should have in the beginning.

Though Calvin is sure that Harmon was killed, the Talon soon has, in fact, survived to hunt him further.


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