"Revelations": After her suspicion grew too great, Casey Washington found her way into Sebastian Clark's penthouse, and discovered evidence that he is or was a member of the Court of Owls - the v

Quote1 The people I love are in danger right now. I don't have time for a sanctimonious lecture from a man in a bat suit. Quote2
Calvin Rose

Talon #7 is an issue of the series Talon (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2013.

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Synopsis for "Revelations"

After her suspicion grew too great, Casey Washington found her way into Sebastian Clark's penthouse, and discovered evidence that he is or was a member of the Court of Owls - the very organization he had recruited her friend Calvin Rose to bring down. Unfortunately, she is caught by Sebastian as she tries to leave a message to warn Calvin of the betrayal.

Meanwhile, Calvin has already infiltrated the offices of the current CEO of Securitus Industries, on Securitus Island. That CEO also happens to be John Wycliffe, the Grandmaster of the Court of Owls. Wycliffe has just told Calvin essentially what Casey learned on her own, though Calvin is reluctant to believe that the very man who recruited him to fight the Court was the same evil man who recruited him from Haly's Circus as a child to become a Talon. According to Wycliffe, the Clark's war against the Court is merely an infantile revenge plan after having been ousted from his former position as Grandmaster. It had been Sebastian who turned his own father in to the Court after he had written his tell-all book. Why, if he didn't want to get his old position back, did Sebastian first send Calvin to retrieve the Mask of the Grandmasters?

Tiring of Calvin's disbelief, Wycliffe orders that he be killed. They can continue their discuss after Calvin has been brought back as a Talon of the Court. Nathaniel O'Malley volunteers for the task, claiming his eagerness to demonstrate his loyalty and prowess. However, Nathaniel had earlier been talked into leaving the Court by Calvin, and he launches his dagger into his own grandfather's chest. As he drives the knife into the older man's neck, he explains that he had had numerous opportunities to sire an heir for their family - but he could not stand to let another O'Malley be born into the sick life of a Talon.

Calvin and Nathaniel fight back to back, and Calvin passes his new ally some devices he calls ice cubes. On contact, they flash-freeze the surface of an object. Aiming for the feet, they freeze the talons in place, giving them the time they will need to escape, just as the bomb planted beneath the island goes off. Though the island is well equipped against a bomb's blast, Eric Washington had been so paranoid that he had set up the computer systems to wipe themselves in the event of an explosion. As a result of the blast, Wycliffe discovers that his most valuable asset - Securitus Industries - has been taken offline completely. He jumps into the escape pod prepared for Eric, which requires Calvin to grapple onto it, and be dragged out at a ridiculous speed as the pod launches into the sky from the top of the tower.

At his penthouse, Sebastian calls one of his allies to warn that his cover has been blown. Despite the inconvenience, he will be happy enough to get rid of Casey and her daughter. However, he is well aware that he will need to keep them alive if he has any plans of controlling Calvin further. As such, he decides to trap her within one of the escape devices that Calvin had trained in until he and his companion can determine how best to proceed. As he steps into a closet full of the devices, Casey speaks the override command and locks him in the closet, taking him completely by surprise. She deactivates the voice command, and explains to Sebastian that she knows he put the hit out on she and Sarah; that it was he who stole her father's company. She warns that she intends to steal whatever information is on his computer, and that she has cut the oxygen in the closet - so if Sebastian wants to live, he had better hope that his mysterious partner returns soon.

As Calvin is launched into the sky, the pod releases parachutes, which causes his grapple to go slack as he is sent flying through the air, saved only by his chance careening into a nearby water-tower. As he leaves the blocking range of the tower, he is surprised to hear Casey's message verifying all that Wycliffe had told him. Realizing that she is in danger, he decides to let Wycliffe go for now, and rushes to rescue his friends.

Casey drags Sarah away from Sebastian's compound, warning that something bad is happening, and they will have to stay quiet, keep close, and keep moving to survive.

As Calvin rushes back toward the compound, he is suddenly caught in a trap by the Batman, who warns that he will not allow Talons to operate in his city. Calvin tries to explain himself, and learns that the Batman already knows who he is and what he's doing. Batman explains that regardless of Calvin's intentions, his engaging the Court puts the city in danger. Annoyed, Calvin surprises Batman by escaping from his bonds, and scrambling his tracking systems.

Calvin bursts into the compound to find Sebastian waiting for him. Immediately, Calvin begins punching him, demanding to know where Casey and Sarah are. Spitting out blood, Sebastian coughs that Casey had locked him in his own base and taken Sarah with her. At Calvin's request, Sebastian gleefully admits that he was ultimately responsible for the decision to recruit him from the circus so long ago. In the meantime, Sebastian intends to prevent Calvin from killing him with the help of his partner. Calvin wonders if he means Felix Harmon, but as a massive fist connects with his jaw, he discovers that Clark has partnered with Bane.

Calvin warns that whatever they do to him, he will escape. Bane responds that they have no intention of trapping him, as he crushes Calvin's neck in his grip, apparently killing him.


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