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Talon is a falcon owned by the Gotham City criminal known as Bird.

Bird often used Talon to spy on various criminal enterprises as well as on Batman, for his master, Bane.[1]

During the breakout of Arkham Asylum, Bane and Bird used Talon to drop the first attack. They tied a balloon full of nitroglycerine to Talon's claws and when the bird was right above the building, Bane shot a perfect aimed bullet to make the nito drop on top of the Asylum, breaking the walls. Talon returned to Bird's side after this attack.[2]

Bird sent Talon to spy on Mad Hatter. Wanting to learn who broke the criminals out of Arkham, the Mad Hatter placed a homing device on Talon's leg and he learned of Bane's hideout.[3]

Tim Drake spotted Talon and following it, he found Bird spying on Batman. Bird sent Talon to attack Robin, but the teen wonder disposed of the animal with ease.[4] Days later, Bird used talon to spy on Poison Ivy's activities.[5]

Bird used Talon to attack Batman after his encounter with Joker and Scarecrow. Talon used its claws and caused some wounds on Batman's arms. Talon then forced Batman to run into a warehouse, where Bird was waiting for him.[6]

Eventually, Bird and the rest of Bane's henchmen were captured by the Gotham City Police Department. Talon was also captured by the police, but nothing was known afterwards.[7]