Quote1 My Tam is a vegetable, Bruce. There are monsters out there... and they have my child. Quote2
Lucius Fox src

Tamara Fox is the eldest daughter of the Fox Family. She lives with her family in Gotham City, at constant odds with her brother Lucas Fox. After an unexpected attack at their family home by the Marabunta, Tam and her family were forced to be relocated. While her sister Tiffany left to a sleepover, Tam left to be with a friend who lived nearby. However, Tamara never returned home that evening. Tamara and Tiffany were kidnapped by Menace and the Rat Catcher and were taken to the sewer systems below Gotham City. While Tiffany was kept as bait, Tamara was driven insane by Rat Catcher and then dumped off at a local park where she was picked up and taken to the hospital. Tam was left an invalid, her sister was eventually rescued and the family reunited.

At some point Tam somehow recovered and was one of the leaders of her brother's company, Foxtech.


  • Diminished Intellect (formerly): Due to being forced to overdose on the "Snakebite" variation of Venom by Menace (Russell Tavaroff), Tamara has extensive brain damage, rendered a vegetable who regularly drools and has to be fed and pushed around in a wheelchair to live.[1]



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