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 Tamaraneans or Tamaranians are a race of golden-skinned humanoids from the planet Tamaran.


Tamaraneans are descended from a feline race and worship the goddess X'Hal. The Tamaraneans were originally from the planet Okaara before either migrating or being brought to Tamaran.

The Tamaraneans are a peaceful race, as their society is driven more by emotion than reason. Unfortunately, the Tamaraneans were eventually forced into war when they were threatened by the Citadel. The Tamaraneans defended their planet against the Citadel for more than an Earth century until Komand'r, one of Tamaran's royalty, betrayed her people and revealed crucial military secrets to the Citadel. The Tamaraneans were utterly defeated and nearly driven to extinction. King Myand'r made a reluctant truce with the Citadel in which he was forced to give his daughter, Koriand'r, to Citadel slavers.

Powers and Abilities


  • Prehistoric Tamaraneans had several abilities that modern Tamaraneans do not possess:
    • Advanced Longevity: Prehistoric Tamaraneans were known to live for an extended period of time well over that of many known species of sentient beings. The eldest of their race had lived for nearly 10 billion years while remaining in his physical prime.[6]
    • Claws & Fangs: Pre-Evolved Tamaraneans had more feline than humanoid features, to that effect they possessed razor sharp canines and finger nails which could be used as an offensive measure.[7]
    • Clairvoyance: A unique trait shown by Tyran'R was the ability to see through the disguise of another individual, able to sense that the entity possessing a rogue guardian.[8]
  • Abilities granted through Psion experimentation/outside tampering:
    • UV Energy Manipulation: Tameraneans can consciously control the rate of Stellar Radiation intake in order to siphon power from other sources. They can also utilize it to manipulate their assimilated energies into various shapes and forms for practical usage.
      • Starbolt Projection: A couple Tamaraneans are capable of emitting focused solar energy from their hands as concussive energy blasts carrying great destructive force.
      • Stellar Construct Creation: A skill rarely displayed lies in the ability to shape and reform starbolt energy bursts into shielding or force bubbles to carry things around in.[9]
      • Stellar Energy Vision: Certain members of the race can project and emit their stellar energy from their eyes with incredibly destructive force.[10][11][12]
        • Molecular Acceleration: Skilled use of starbolt optic blasts can be used to cause the terrain surrounding a target to violently explode.[13]
      • Stellar Energy Transference: Tamaraneans can also distill and impart their solar energies onto others if need be. Such as how R'yandr had channeled his star based energy force over to Supergirl when she needed a quick recharge while battling the citadel.[14]
      • Heat Touch: Tamareneans can focus their starbolt energy into their hands and skin, being able to hyper-heat the dermal layer of their body in order to flash melt anything they make contact with.[15]
      • Self-Sustenance: A Tamaranean with enough solar energy charge can go without eating, sleeping, or needing to breath in lifeless and inhospitable environments.[16][17][18]
      • Nuclear Pyrokinesis: Many who were experimented upon by Psion science gained the ability to emit flaming contrails whenever they utilize their power, be it for the purpose of flight, energy blasts or releasing a Starbolt Nova; it often has the appearance of an irradiated fireball.[19]
      • Radiation Production: Kori's brother Ryand'r has the ability to detonate like a small scale fusion bomb.[20]
  • Bio-Fission: Some individuals of Tamaran are capable of casting out their ultraviolet energy as tangible duplicates of themselves. Although, this facet of their powers can be draining.[21]
  • Telempathy: A couple of Tamaraneans have exhibited the ability to speak to people by connecting to their psyche--touching and influencing the hearts and minds of others through the power of their minds.[22][23]
    • Telepathy: Komand'r, through use of borrowed power, gained the ability to mentally connect with another sapient mind. This enabled her to speak without using her mouth even in the vast emptiness of outer space.[24]
    • Empathy: K'li, Fury of War had the ability to broadcast her mind numbing ire for bloodshed and madness into the hearts and minds of others while guiding their actions like a puppet master.[25]
  • Power Replication: Tamaraneans can siphon the unique solar/stellar/ultraviolet energy of another Tamaranean to copy and assimilate their Starbolt based powers.[26]
  • Energy Physiology: The god of the Vega System became a creature of pure, unadulterated raw energy capable of godlike feats and abilities and having all the powers of a modded Tamaranean but greatly magnified several hundred times over.[27]



  • Power Instability: There are multiple factors in which a Tamaranean's physical attributes can be destabilized.
    • Emotional Instability: Tamaraneans powers are regulated by their feelings, happier emotions initiate and heighten their abilities while negative emotions weaken them to the point of deactivation.[29]
    • Overload: If Tamaraneans absorb more solar radiation than they're able to process their cells run the risk of slagging, causing their enhanced abilities to shut down, potentially for good.[30]
  • Ultraviolet Radiation Depletion: Should they be deprived of ultraviolet radiation to strengthen their bodies, a Tamaranean will slowly weaken while losing all of his or her powers and abilities.[31]
  • Metallic Chromium Allergy : Tamaraneans are violently allergic to metallic chromium, releasing Starbolts from their nose when they sneeze.[32]


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