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Tamlin is a human falconer who, while traveling in a forest, found a woman crying. Astounded by her, he accepted escort her to her home. Little did he know that the woman was Queen Titania of The Fair Lands. Once there, he accepted to stay, and with time they fell in love. From this union it will later be born one of the greatest magic users from all the world, Tim Hunter.

Tamlin always hoped for them to live together, but for Titania it was more important the crown of Faerie than love, so she decided to keep her living with Auberon. Tamlin left to the walking world.[1]

He would not appear in the Fair Lands until they were in danger. Searched for his son, and tutored him into the ways of magic in order to save the Fair Lands, but his efforts brought dire consecuences, as when Tim was mortally wounded by the venom of the Manticore, Tamlin traded his life with Tim, so Death would take him instead of his son.[2]




  • Ancient Rules: As an inhabitant of the realms, Tamlin is bound to old rules that limits his actions.



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