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Tanaka Rei was a Japanese man who obtained super-human speed and became a super-hero called the Flash, whom is named after and inspired by Tanaka's idolized comic book hero Barry Allen. Tanaka did finally meet Barry during the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" when Barry Allen accidentally arrived in Earth-D and helped Tanaka in defeating this universe's Mirror Master. After being acquainted with one another, Tanaka and Barry went to the Justice Alliance of America and, with help from Earth-One's Justice League of America, to mount a defense against the Anti-Monitor's Shadow Demons. Ultimately, the heroes failed to prevent the invasion and inevitable destruction of Earth-D. The heroes decided to completely evacuate Earth's denizens as a last resort, in which they constructed a Cosmic Treadmill to open a portal to Earth-One. The Flashes powered the treadmill until Barry was abducted, which left only Tanaka to power it and bought more time for the evacuation. He along with the Justice Alliance stayed on Earth-D, holding off the Shadow Demons before dying at the mere moments of the end of their universe.


  • Tanaka concealed his costume inside a pen rather than a ring mainly used by the mainstream Flash.



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