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"Saving Time": On October 1, 2030, Earth is about to be destroy. Dr. Diedre Dey, her daughter Lourdes "Firehawk" Dey, former socialite and crystalline body Star Sapphire, and Dey's android Rampage prepare to travel back in time to 1997 to prevent Earth's destruction. They are briefly impeded by

Quote1.png Please! You must listen to us! We have knowledge of the future -- of Earth's ultimate destruction! We need your help to prevent that from happening! Quote2.png

Tangent Comics: Doom Patrol #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of December, 1997.

Synopsis for "Saving Time"

On October 1, 2030, Earth is about to be destroy. Dr. Diedre Dey, her daughter Lourdes "Firehawk" Dey, former socialite and crystalline body Star Sapphire, and Dey's android Rampage prepare to travel back in time to 1997 to prevent Earth's destruction. They are briefly impeded by an older Atom (Adam Thompson), who knows what Dr. Dey is doing and is willing to stop her and her family as their actions would be disastrous. Dey and her family escape on their time traveling vessel, the Kitty Hawk, from the Atom, who tries to warn them about the past and their actions, shortly before the Earth explodes.

In 1997, Dey and her family crash land in the middle of Times Square. Eventually, Dey and the others managed to attract the media at a news conference at World's Finest in which they are unofficially called the "Doom Patrol" for their warnings of the future. Dr. Dey urgently tells the audience of the impending Armageddon which involved with three key events consisting of a failed Soviet space flight to Mars that destroys the Russians' entire space facility; a U.S. government official from the National Security Agency being assassinated by the Soviets; and a powerful storm which will hit New York and causing a power surge that will short out an in-progress experiment, consequently warping and destabilizing the Earth's core. Unfortunately, the audience are completely skeptical of the Doom Patrol's warnings in which World's Finest dubbed Dey as "Doomsday".

The next day, the Doom Patrol take reservation at the Fortress Hotel and learns about the Soviets having already making a successful launch to Mars. Realizing that they are not too late to prevent the events to Armageddon from happening, the Doom Patrol travel on the Kitty Hawk to the U.S.S.R. to prevent another launch. Star Sapphire use her force-field to stop the rocket's launch but only to alert armed Soviet personnel. The Doom Patrol fight off the soldiers, but a single trooper fires a rocket launcher which misses them and bypassing Star Sapphire's force-field, in which it destroys the rocket and causing it to explode and destroying the space facility in the process. The Doom Patrol escaped the conflagration. Firehawk point out the fact that the rocket's destruction was cause by them in which a confused Dr. Dey stated that the rocket was destined to explode whether they were there or not.

The disaster is soon noticed by Nightwing in which Director Marcus Moore is interested in the Doom Patrol and believed their story and knowledge of future events. He decided that their determination to change the future for their benefit are dangerous to Nightwing's cause and have one of his agents to assassinate the Doom Patrol and blamed their deaths on the Soviets.

The Doom Patrol recuperate at their hotel room and are visited by Jake Wiley, an agent of the National Security Bureau, who claims he is sent by President Schwartz. The Doom Patrol immediately recognize him as the same NSB agent who will be kill on the next day by the Soviets in retaliation for the destruction of their space launch. Wiley tells the Doom Patrol that they are needed to be move to seclusion and from allowing to cause a panic to the public. Ravage then approaches Wiley and tells him that, as a synthetic being, he can detect that there are explosives carrying inside his pen. His cover blown, Wiley then reveals himself to be a Nightwing agent sent by Moore and activate the pen, killing him and destroying the hotel room, but the Doom Patrol are safely protected in Star Sapphire's force-field. The group then notice that the Kitty Hawk is being taken away by Nightwing in which Star Sapphire tries to stop them, but only to shred the craft's chronal pod and unleashing a rip in the fabric of reality. Firehawk realizes that their actions from the Soviet launch and the agent's death are the cause for the events that will lead to Earth's destruction.

The current day Atom arrive to help the Doom Patrol in which they follow Dey's plan in using the Kitty Hawk's remaining chronal energy to fuse the rift shut. As they attempt to close the rift it is starting to turn into a storm in which Dey recognize this as the final event leading to Armageddon and she tells her daughter that they must find the experiment involving the Earth's core. It is now that she remembers that the experiment is being taken place at Dey's very home at Deylight Theoretical Labs where her father Zachary Dey was responsible for conducting the experiment in which during the blackout the younger Deidre Dey was terrified to remember what had happened.

Dr. Dey and Firehawk races to Theoretical Labs where they sneak inside and manage to restore the power and allowing to stabilize Zachary Dey's experiment. After closing the rift, the Doom Patrol reflect on preventing Armageddon. Although Firehawk realizes that the younger Dey still doesn't remember the night of the blackout and will cause the chain of events to happen again; however, Dr. Dey assures that in this new timeline the Atom will warn the Doom Patrol in the future because he remember them from the past. As she said this, the Atom recovers from closing the rift and without any memories for the last thirty minutes.

Appearing in "Saving Time"

Featured Characters:

  • Doom Patrol (First appearance)
    • Doomsday
    • Firehawk
    • Star Sapphire
    • Rampage

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  • Kitty Hawk

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