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"The Most Dangerous Man in the World": Carl Walters, aka Gravedigger, has recently gone rogue from Nightwing and leads a band of rogue, magic user Nightwing agents called Night Force: consisting Hex with his familiar [

Tangent Comics: Nightwing #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of December, 1997.

Synopsis for "The Most Dangerous Man in the World"

Carl Walters, aka Gravedigger, has recently gone rogue from Nightwing and leads a band of rogue, magic user Nightwing agents called Night Force: consisting Hex with his familiar Nightshade, Black Orchid who is specialize in Tantric magic, and Wildcat who is a werebeast assassin and can change into her beast form with the word "Shazam". Gravedigger consults his team in bringing Nightwing down by revealing the existence of Nightwing itself to President Schwartz.

At Nightwing's headquarters under the Pentagon, Director Marcus Moore, codename Deadman, is summoned to a decrepit and ghoulish necromancer named Kryos Theophilius, who is known as the Creeper. Moore informs the Creeper of Night Force's intentions due from an inside informant inside Night Force. At the suggestion of Moore, Creeper agrees to the idea of killing President Schwartz by stealing his soul in order to ensure Nightwing's secrecy.

Meanwhile, Night Force bypass the White House's security system and have Black Orchid to infiltrate the President's bedroom and using her magic to communicate President Schwartz in his sleep. Inside Schwartz's dream, Black Orchid shows him the secret history of Nightwing.

The organization itself stretched back to the early 1400's, to Le Comte Vandal Savage of the French court. A magic user himself, and acknowledging the dangers to him and others like him, Savage founded the Order of the Saint Dumas as a place of sanctuary for magic users. The group later splinter about the time of the American Revolution. The American branch grew into Nightwing that was unwittingly created by then President John F. Kennedy during the threat of the Cuban Missile Crisis, and was molded into a spy organization working on behalf of American interests. The other branch became Meridian. When Kennedy was assassinated by Meridian, Nightwing's existence was unknown to the American government and even the Presidents following after Kennedy. Since then, Nightwing have been the true ruler behind the U.S. and have fallen under the influence of the Dark Circle, a inner circle of necromancers. Its liaison between the Circle and Nightwing is the Creeper, who was responsible for bringing Marcus Moore back to life by stealing his soul before he died and has been under his thrall. Furthermore, the Dark Circle has ever since wanted power for themselves.

Black Orchid hopes that revealing this secret to Schwartz would surely destroy the Dark Circle and bring back Nightwing to what it should be. Suddenly, the Creeper, who infiltrate the White House from underground, stabs Black Orchid from behind. As Creeper prepares to steal Black Orchid's soul, she instead separate her soul from her body and flees to warn her team. Gravedigger sends Wildcat to stop Creeper from stealing Schwartz's soul. Once the Creeper is weaken, Gravedigger tells the Creeper that he expected him that he would come and uses the necromancer's device to extract the Creeper's soul. Night Force then escape through Hex's magic spell before the White House's security finds them.

At Nightwing's headquarters, Moore had planned on setting the Creeper up to have his soul taken away. Though Francis Powell points out to him that Schwartz now knows about Nightwing. Moore simply states that if Schwartz believed this, he would be totally unsure of telling this to anyone who can be possibly associate with Nightwing. Moore then meets his informant, Gravedigger, who actually didn't went rogue from his organization and has been going along with Moore's agenda against the Creeper and the Dark Circle. Gravedigger gives the captured soul of Creeper to Moore, who feeds on it. As Gravedigger ask Moore to what they gain from this and what they will do next, Moore replies to "trust me."

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