""Devils and the Deep"": In the decades that follow since the Cuban Missile crisis, a race of humanoid mutated sea creatures known as the Sea Devils emerged from the radioactive fallout of what was the American southeast left over from America and Cuba's missile exchange. The Sea Devils live in

Tangent Comics: Sea Devils #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of December, 1997.

Synopsis for "Devils and the Deep"

In the decades that follow since the Cuban Missile crisis, a race of humanoid mutated sea creatures known as the Sea Devils emerged from the radioactive fallout of what was the American southeast left over from America and Cuba's missile exchange. The Sea Devils live in the sunken city of Shaligo, built on the remains of Macon, Georgia, and is ruled by a charismatic and benevolent red-skinned Sea Devil known as the Ocean Master. However, humanity living in New Atlantis and as a whole racially shunned the Sea Devils as abominations and are willingly to kill them. The ruling tribal leaders of the Sea Devils heatedly debated on their relationship with humanity, ranging from relocating their society away from humanity to outright war, and as well concerning the tribes' tenuous relations with the always violent Sea Devil sharks. Their bickering is cease by Ocean Master and promise to them he will decide on how his people will deal with humanity in a few days.

Ocean Master is met by his son Redfin, who sees his father as discontented with governorship over the Sea Devils and having less faith for the ruling tribes. Though Ocean Master tells his son that it is a necessary task he must carry as it unite the unity of the Sea Devils. In which he expects Redfin to carry on his burden. But Redfin is not interested of following his father's duty as Ocean Master. Just as Redfin swims away to New Atlantis, something in Shaligo's nearby southern trenches stirs.

Redfin arrives at New Atlantis' dock front and attend a tavern called The Black Pirate. There in the very anti-Sea Devil atmosphere he is ushered to the back of the bar where he meet up with his Sea Devil gang. Also there is the liberal daughter of Governor Dailey, J.J., Redfin's lover. J.J. expresses that she and Redfin could see each other more open in spite of humanity's prejudice. Redfin's on/off lover Moray becomes subtly jealous of the two and allows the door of their room open, allowing the tavern's human customers to surprisingly see Redfin and J.J. embracing with each other. This spark a barroom brawl and leaving many human customers wounded. Redfin and his gang escape before the police arrives while J.J. manages to take care of herself to handle with the police.

Redfin and the gang swims back to Shaligo where they find a colossal sea monster attacking the city. The leviathan was created from the radioactive detritus that birthed it from the southern trenches. All attacks on the leviathan is useless. Redfin then realize another to way to stop the monster and orders his gang to meet at Curry Pier in New Atlantis within an hour before swimming away.

At the Wright-Gordon Towers, J.J. argues with her father over her relationship with the Sea Devils. Suddenly Redfin fought his way into Dailey's office and tells the governor that he had came for a proposition in needing his help. He explains to the governor of the situation in Shaligo and the nigh possibility that the leviathan would threaten New Atlantis. So Redfin propose that Dailey would supply weapons to the Sea Devils to fight against the leviathan and second, he would publicly acknowledge the debt humanity owe to Redfin's people should the Sea Devils succeed. In regarding the weapons, Redfin demands for a gravity bomb - a weapon that have been secretly underwater tested and known by the Sea Devils - and pulse-cannons made from Brande Laboratory. Dailey surprisingly agrees with Redfin.

Shortly at Curry Pier, Dailey fulfill his deal in providing Redfin and his gang the needed weapons. After Redfin's gang left, Dailey confides with his daughter that he will never acknowledge the Sea Devils for helping them as it would mean political suicide. However, the Joker suddenly appears and toss a talking doll modeled after Dailey to the governor. As insisted by the Joker, Dailey pulls the doll's string to hear that it recorded every word of Dailey's deal with Redfin. Joker then asserts that there are more other dolls like it and explicitly states that she will expose Dailey's deal to the public if he doesn't acknowledge the Sea Devils which leaves a very disgraced Dailey with no other choice.

Redfin and the gang arrive in time to use their weapons to effectively repulsing the leviathan to the edge of Shaligo. But, the leviathan hits a coral spire and causing to topple over Redfin and Ocean Master. As the gathered Sea Devils stared in shock, only Ocean Master rises out of the rubble and Redfin is believe to be dead. He then rally the Sea Devils in driving the leviathan and joins with Redfin's gang in the fray. Once the leviathan is at the edge of the southern trench, Ocean Master volunteer himself to deliver the gravity bomb to the monster. But he is oppose by Thresher, a shark Sea Devil, and heavily criticize him for lacking any respect for Redfin and pointed out that the entire plan was Redfin's and that his gang is responsible for protecting Shaligo as a way to honor the apparently deceased Redfin. The gang continue to drive the leviathan back to the trench, but their pulse-cannons are losing power. Thresher, seeing that there is no other way to deter the leviathan, carries the gravity bomb and rush into the creature's mouth. Swallowed into its belly, Thresher activate the bomb. As a result, the bomb create powerful, multiple frequencies that causes the trench's edge that the leviathan is standing on to crumble and sending it plummeting into the trench's chasm as the walls of the chasm follow the creature down, burying it for good.

The Sea Devils celebrates and rejoice of the leviathan's defeat, while Redfin's gang mourns the death of Thresher and their leader. As the celebration continues, Ocean Master slips away from the festivity and heads for a series of caves that were used for shelter and storage. He reveals himself to be actually Redfin as he look after his near-fatally wounded father. A dying Ocean Master tells his son that he is perfectly fit as his successor, but Redfin confess his reluctance as leader. Though Ocean Master firmly believes in him and that their people are at good hands. As Redfin protest and wanting his father for immediate medical attention, Ocean Master finally dies. Redfin is left wondering of the Sea Devils' problems including on whether Governor Dailey will fulfill his recognition. Although, Redfin now realize he must carry on as Ocean Master.

Appearing in "Devils and the Deep"

Featured Characters:

  • Sea Devils
    • Angel
    • Grouper
    • Moray
    • Redfin
    • Shrimp
    • Thresher

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Other Characters:

  • Governor Dailey



  • Gravity Bomb


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