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""The City of Entertainment"": Lori Lemaris and her cameraman "Ambush" Bug are doing a news coverage of the opening of the Las Vegas costumed superhero-themed resort and casino Superfriends. But they are interrupted by the abrupt appearance of a spaceship which cra

Quote1.png Wonder Woman, as you call her, through pure thought, can reorder time if she... wonders hard enough. Quote2.png
Woo-Z Winks

Tangent Comics: Wonder Woman #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of September, 1998.

Synopsis for "The City of Entertainment"

Lori Lemaris and her cameraman "Ambush" Bug are doing a news coverage of the opening of the Las Vegas costumed superhero-themed resort and casino Superfriends. But they are interrupted by the abrupt appearance of a spaceship which crashes into the street. The craft's occupant emerges and reveals to be a green skin, alien woman. When Lori ask her who she is, the alien calls herself Wanda. However, Lori mistaken in hearing Wanda's words ("I am Wanda, girl") to be 'Wonder Girl' to Wonder Woman, in which Wanda adopts as her new alias. As Lori questions Wanda for being on Earth, Wanda's robot assistant Woo-Z Winks immediately emerges from the ship and tries to warn her not to question Wanda. But, as Woo-Z Winks had warn, Wanda strangely goes into a long philosophical lecture on existence. Then another spaceship appears and begins shooting at Wanda. Wanda, who is broken out of her thoughts, attacks the ship with her weapon called a Bahtarang and slicing it in half. The attacking ship's occupants escaped from the crash, revealing themselves as Ferro and a "Beast Boy" known only as "Gar". Lori notice that the two different aliens look somewhat similar to Wanda. Ferro reveals that she and Gar came to kill Wanda for being an "abomination". Wanda engages her assailants while she goes into another philosophical thought. As this is happening Woo-Z Winks explain about Wanda to Lori and "Ambush" Bug via a holographic simulation.

Wanda's story originate on the planet known as Gotham, where its inhabitants halted their aging at relatively youthful states through genetics so they could devote their life to purely cerebral pursuits. Thus no longer having to worry about the consideration of species perpetuation. However, this also causes the female and male Gothamites to change into radically different forms - the females, the Element Girls, becoming ethereal, cerebral beauties with highly developed psionic powers such as telepathy and empathy; the males, the Beast Boys, turned into fierce, warlike beings. The result has been a gender-based civil war that lasted for ages. But an Element Girl scientist named Lena Thorul saw the inevitable futility of this conflict and felt that the Gothamites had lost touch with each other and with their true potential. So she created a symbol of what the Gothamites could be if they were united as a people, which became Wanda. Through the use of outlawed technology, Wanda's powers seem to extend beyond that of either the Element Girls' and Beast Boys'; in which she absorbs the information of hundreds of civilization (including Earth) and the most esoteric thoughts in minutes. Wanda was given a merging weapon of the two main weapons of the Gothamites to create the Bahtarang and was train by Woo-Z Winks in the arts of war. But the problem was Wanda always distract herself in her thoughts and that she was content to battle purely on instinct. Thorul soon revealed Wanda to the Gothamites. To Thorul's amazement it did indeed unite the Gothamites - but only for a moment: the two genders agreed on the fact that Wanda was an abomination. They slew Thorul on the spot before Wanda escaped. The Gothamites were hellbent on ending Wanda and they sent their representatives Ferro and Gar to kill her.

Back in the battle, Wanda rest on top of the Luxor Hotel while contemplating as Ferro and Gar close in on her. She finally concludes that her creators, the Gothamites, have no rights for judging Wanda herself just because of her existence and that she has the rights to judge them as she outgrows them. Wanda then rises to the air and tells Ferro and Gar that they are nothing, and the two aliens are then suddenly struck by a surge of pure energy.

Lori, Ambush Bug and Woo-Z Winks returns to Las Vegas and finds the city surprisingly undamaged from Wanda's battle. Woo-Z Winks explains to the confused Lori and Ambush Bug that Wanda wiped out Ferro and Beast Boy from existence and that they never had came to Vegas. He elaborates that Lena Thorul was right to discover that Wanda's own deep thoughts can reorder time itself. As such, she gotten of rid Ferro and Gar and that there is no pursuit of her as she is already long gone. And only Lori and Ambush Bug are the only people who remembers what had happened thanks to Woo-Z for shielding them from the temporal changes. Woo-Z also importantly adds that Wanda, Wonder Woman, is simply consider the most dangerous being in existence. Wanda then reappears on her not destroyed spaceship to pick up Woo-Z.

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  • Ferro (Single appearance)
  • Beast Boy (Single appearance)

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  • Bahtarang

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