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Tanist of Mercury was the champion of Shazam in the 853rd Century.

One day, Tanist and his mother Sutra find something that they think will make them rich, but only to have it stolen by a wealthier claim jumper. Sutra was killed and Tanist was crippled. Tanist ultimately finds that his mother discovered a passage to the Rock of Eternity.

He is given access to the power of Shazam by the The Wizard, who is revealed to be an aged Billy Batson. After thousands of years he has become an extremely powerful being. He granted him all the powers similar to Captain Marvel.[1]



  • Multilingualism: Thanks to the Wisdom of Solomon, he has the ability to understand, comprehend, and speak any language on earth.
  • Smooth Talker: Another facet of his intelligence is ability to talk his way out of situations, as a man with an unprecedented amount of wisdom, he prefers to talk, rather than fight.



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