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Tannarak is an ancient mage and enemy of Phantom Stranger.

Tannarak was a notorious alchemist, whose lifespan extends for centuries. He was born in England, but lived his childhood in Egypt. On a certain day, he and his friend Dianna stole fruit from a stall and the fruit merchant caught and punished the boy by leaving him near a corpse. From that moment, Tannarak became obsessed with death and started a lifelong quest to prevent his own.

With this purpose in mind, Tannarak became a master of alchemy after he located the "Blood Stone" and the "Elixir of Death". He used these elements to take away the factor of aging from his body and trap it in a statue. For centuries, he sought a human host for the soul of her long dead friend Dianna and when he found a proper human body, he kidnapped the woman and attempted to remove her soul and resurrect his friend. He was stopped by the Phantom Stranger and during the struggle, Tannarak was apparently crushed under his own statue.[1]

However, Tannarak survived the ordeal thanks to the intervention of some powerful beings known as the "Gods of Hate", who wanted Tannarak to act as their agent in the process of recruiting souls for their army of evil and eventually take over the world and start a new, hateful society. Tannarak's plan almost succeeded, but once again he was stopped by the Phantom Stranger and when the Gods of Hate abandoned him, Tannarak was apparently killed once again.[2]

Still, Tannarak survived and started his next scheme after locating ancient scrolls that granted him the power to revive the Phoenix and use it to his advantage. In order to succeed, Tannarak drained the powers of the Phantom Stranger and used the faith of people in the occult to bring back the Phoenix. However, the Phantom Stranger found a way to destroy the Phoenix once again and as the mythical creature disappeared in a burst of flames, Tannarak was engulfed as well and once again, his fate seemed final.[3]

Stranger Partnership

Despite all evidence to the contrary, Tannarak survived the last encounter with the Phantom Stranger and soon, he formed an alliance with the Dark Circle to eliminate the Stranger. Tannarak successfully kidnapped Cassandra Craft, luring the Phantom to a deadly trap. However, the Phantom Stranger forced Tannarak to see the truth of the Dark Circle, who would've killed Tannarak once the Phantom was eliminated. Thus, Tannarak worked together with the Phantom Stranger to stop one of the Dark Circle's evil plans in Paris, France. After successfully defeating the Circle, the Phantom Stranger asked Tannarak to join him and Cassandra against their now common enemy and Tannarak agreed to work with them.[4]

Tannarak aided the Phantom Stranger and tracked down the Dark Circle to Brazil, where they were also challenged by Tala. In the confrontation, Tannarak sacrificed himself to save the Phantom Stranger from an incoming attack from Tala, but this caused Tannarak and Tala to fall into a pit, which closed up, swallowing them into their apparent demise.[5]

Evil Return

Tannarak eventually reappeared and used Dr. Frederick Rune as a pawn to lure The Phantom Stranger into a trap and separate his soul from his body. Tannarak's plan failed, however, when Rune realized his evil nature and turned against him. The confrontation with the Stranger drained most of Tannarak's life energy and he started to de-age, becoming a child, then a toddler until he finally disappeared.[6]

Tannarak was renewed by the Lords of Chaos and worked alongside Tala to seek revenge on the Phantom Stranger.[7] He attacked the Stranger in his home then led him to the Bronx Zoo. There he bound the Stranger with magical restraints in the big cat enclosure. He gloated how the Lords of Chaos gave him a cat totem before showing off his power by merging all the lions and tigers together to form a giant cat-demon.[8] He flew them all, along with Cassandra Craft, to the top of the Empire State Building where he prepared to summon the Lords of Chaos, using the Phantom Stranger as a conduit. But the Stranger fought back, plummeting over the edge with the cat-demon to the street below. Tannarak tried to use Cassandra as leverage to stop him, but the Stranger saw through the illusion and revealed Tala's true form.[9] With Tala unveiled she was free to combine her power with Tannarak, once more subduing the Stranger and opening a breech to the realm of Chaos. The cat-demon drew the Stranger's blood and absorbed his power, but the ritual was interrupted by Dr. Thirteen who charged Tannarak and the beast with a broom, pushing it over the ledge. Tannarak battled the freed Stranger but was tossed over the side also, to join his feline creation. The union of Tannarak's chaotic magic and the beast's magic of order siphoned from the Stranger erupted in a violent explosion.[10]


  • Immortality: Tannarak is immortal and will not age beyond his current physical state.[8]
  • Divine Empowerment: Tannarak was resurrected by the Lords of Chaos and empowered as their agent.[8]
    • Magic: Tannarak magically bound the Phantom Stranger.[8]
    • Eldritch Blast: Tannarak cast energy bolts which could harm the Phantom Stranger.[7]
    • Flight[8][9]
    • Animal Control: He was bestowed a cat totem which allowed him to control different feline species.[8]
    • Bio-Fusion: He cast a spell to combine all the lions and tigers within the Bronx Zoo into a single giant cat-demon.[8]


  • Alchemy: Tannarak is very-well versed in the theological science of alchemy.
  • Occultism

  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC's Earth-One era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985–86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character's Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and should be considered apocryphal.



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