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Quote1.png Where are our children? We are good people. We donate our time and money to charity. We are good Christians. Who would do this to us? Who would take our babies? Quote2.png
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Tanya Fox is the wife of Lucius Fox and mother of their children Luke, Tam, Tiff, and Tim.

She lived with her husband Lucius Fox and her family at their home, Fox Mansion.

When the mansion was attacked by the Marabunta Tanya relocated her family in order to protect them.

In another incident, Tanya's daughters Tamara and Tiffany were kidnapped by Russell Tavaroff and Rat Catcher. Tanya decided to use the family's public stature to raise awareness for her missing children and because of this Tamara was found. However, it took longer to find Tiffany who was eventually rescued by Batwing. Tanya struggled with dealing with Tamara in her deteriorated state.