Tanya Spears is the second Power Girl, taking over after Karen Starr returned to Earth 2.


Spears is the daughter of scientist Somya Spears, and at 17, already a postdoc fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She worked at Starr Industries, and helped Huntress retrieve stolen isotopes.[1]

After Power Girl and Huntress traveled through the portal back to Earth 2, Tanya suddenly displayed super powers, as well as an improved physique. She was unsure how she got them, and posited it was because of her proximity to the portal when it collapsed.[2] That hypothesis was rocked, however, because DeSaad had sought her out twice before she got powers,[3][4] and Karen specifically stated in her will that Tanya inherited the name "Power Girl".[2]

In order to learn how to deal with her powers, she moved to New York City and joined the Teen Titans.[5][6]



  • She is a member of the Wonder Girl fan club.[5]
  • She considers Kid Flash her best friend.[8]



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