Tapestry is an immortal sorceress who imprisoned Zealot for 100 years several millennia ago.

Although Tapestry often appears as a dreamy vision of flowing white energy, her ability to defy age and change her appearance is just one of her frighting skills. One Kherubim familiar with Tapestry's powers is Zealot, who called upon the sorceress thousands of years ago. In the ancient past, Zealot sought Tapestry to aid her ailing daughter Savant, who was dying from poison. As payment for her services, Tapestry enslaved Zealot for 100 years. A cruel and dominating mistress, Tapestry constantly reminded Zealot that her soul had been damned since this incident and Zealot is one of the few who understands the full extent of her power.

In their most recent battle (prior to WildCORE), Zealot was only able to defeat Tapestry, and her henchmen Soma, with the help of Savant, Huntsman, Mr. Majestic, and Soldier.




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