Quote1.png Listen to me, you super-hero scum! I want you to release Thunderhand back to me! And to make sure you do it, this time I brought along a few friends! Quote2.png
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Tapeworm was an enemy of Robin.

Escape from Bludhaven

Tapeworm confronting Robin and Shadowpact with his new allies.

Tapeworm was imprisoned beneath Bludhaven by O.M.A.C. Units where he befriended Thunderhand whose cell was next to his own. When the units were shut down and reverted to the unconscious forms of the unfortunate humans they were converted from at the same time as the O.M.A.C. devices keeping their nullifying their powers were deactivated Tapeworm and Thunderhand broke free. The two of them murdered their unconscious unwilling jailers as they escaped the facility. [1]

Following their escape, the two were confronted by Robin, Ragman, and Blue Devil who were disgusted to learn of their recent slate of murders and attempted to take them back into custody. Tapeworm escaped by leaving behind a large portion of his tail and Ragman's suit of souls judged Thunderhand and killed him, dragging his soul into the patchwork of the suit. Tapeworm gathered up more than twenty other escapees from the O.M.A.C. facility and tracked the heroes back down to try and get them to release his friend whose death he was unaware of.[1] He lead the other villains in an attack on the heroes which proved unsuccessful and resulted in most of his new allies being recaptured though he himself escaped.[2]

Capture in Gotham

In retaliation for the loss of his friend and the humiliation of defeat Tapeworm joined up with the group Dodge gathered so that various criminals could get revenge on Robin.[3]This led to his capture and imprisonment when the group was defeated. [4]

Salvation Run

Rather than put him in prison Checkmate sent him along with many other villains to their newly christened prison planet of Salvation to avoid having them escape from any more prison facilities on earth.[5] On Salvation Tapeworm allied himself with Joker as the villains fought for survival. Tapeworm survived Salvation to return to earth where he would go on to become an annoyance for the Justice Society.


  • Unique Physiology: Tapeworm is able to grow his body to extraordinary lengths. Incidentally he can grow the segments at an incredible rate so that he can stretch high up and use his now long body to crush his enemies like a boa constrictor. If severed or damaged, he can grow it back.
  • Regeneration: Tapeworm can grow back his body segments.
  • Removable Limbs: Tapeworm can detach his body segments should they be stuck or captured.



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