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Quote1 I know I'm not your half-sister... but maybe I'm nobody. The time I'm from doesn't exist anymore. I have to find my own place in life, and I can't do it living in her shadow. Quote2
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The second Terra was one of the Team Titans, future heroes displaced in time. She had the powers, appearance and name as the original Terra, Tara Markov.


Terra is a Stratan who was granted geokinetic powers by an anomaly in the quixium that powers the inhabitants of Strata. Because of the similarity in powers, she was placed on Earth as a new Terra, the former Teen Titan and half-sister of Geo-Force.[1] DNA from the original Terra was mixed in with her own, so she could fully pass as Tara Markov, but this made her unstable.[2]

Team Titans

Terra was taken by Time Trapper around 2001, and placed in the past with the other Team Titans. She developed into a true hero, unlike her namesake, and was attracted to Changeling, although he rejected her.

After the events of Zero Hour, Terra joined the main Teen Titans team and was told via a messenger orb that she was not from the future but from the present day, having been recruited by the Time Trapper to serve in the Team Titans, in order to one day oppose the group and its leader, the villainous Monarch. She was told by the Time Trapper that this was because she was not from the future at all, although he destroyed Time Trapper's messenger orb out of panic before the story was finished. Subsequently, she discovered Tara Markov's coffin to be empty.

Geo-Force agreed to perform tests to figure out who she was. When she expresses her fears that she is the original Terra, Geo-Force lied and informed her that she is not his sister, even though the genetic tests were positive.


Her death was inevitable due to her faulty genetics,[2] but she died a hero nonetheless. She answered the call of the Teen Titans to stop the rampage of Black Adam, but was killed in the battle along with Young Frankenstein.





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